How to Block JavaScript on a Website in Google Chrome

Sometimes you may want to block JavaScript for a specific website but keep it enabled on other sites you visit. The reasons for blocking JavaScript could be that you don’t trust the site, for page performance reasons, or maybe there is a JavaScript causing errors on the page rendering important content unusable.

Method #1 – Block JavaScript in Chrome

These simple instructions explain how to disable JavaScript for a specific website while leaving JavaScript enabled on other websites you visit. There is another method explained below as well.

STEP 1 & STEP 2: In the Chrome browser address bar type chrome://settings and hit ENTER on your keyboard. This will bring up Chrome Settings. To the very right of the word Settings is a search box. Type content into the search box to bring up Content Settings.

Chrome Settings

STEP 3: Click on the Content settings button.

Chrome Content Settings

STEP 4: Once inside Content settings scroll-down until you find JavaScript. Click on the button Manage exceptions.

Chrome Manage Exceptions

STEP 5, STEP 6 & STEP7: Once inside Manage exceptions type in the Hostname, e.g. Then under the Behavior drop-down menu choose Block. Click on OK when you are done to apply changes.

Block JavaScript in Chrome by typing in the hostname and choosing Block

Method #2 – Block JavaScript in Chrome while on a website

STEP 1: While visiting a website right-click anywhere on the page to bring up the Chrome menu. Select View page info.

Chrome view page info

STEP 2: Under Permissions find JavaScript and select Always block on this site.

Permissions find JavaScript and select Always block on this site


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