Basic Ladder Safety – How To Climb A Ladder Safely

Steps for Basic Ladder Safety / Tips For Climbing a Ladder Safely

» Always hire an experienced/certified/insured tradesman for difficult jobs.

» Adhere to all safety instructions. Warnings are usually included with your ladder.

» For every 4 feet you go up a ladder, the ladder should be 1 foot away from the wall. Lean the ladder so that it’s least 1/4 of its overall length.

» Always situate ladder so that there are two rungs above (higher) than the area you intend to work. Never use the top three (3) rungs.

» Always keep your midsection/hips within the rails to avoid ladder shifting.

» Avoid power lines.

» Make sure your shoes are dry and have proper treading to grip the rungs.

» Don’t use a ladder in extremely windy or wet conditions.

» Ensure the ground is stable and level where you place the base/foot of the ladder.