Answer Signal Pennant

Answer Signal Pennant
Answer Signal Pennant Picture

International Code of Signals – Nautical pennant used by ships at sea and the U.S. Navy. The pennant is described as having alternating red and white vertical stripes. It is often referred to as an “answering pennant.”

Pennant Code Meaning

Code / Answer, Understands the Hoist or Numeric Decimal Point.

“The flag that follows is from the International Code of Signals.”

It’s used by a receiving vessel to indicate that it understands the hoist. Also, it’s used at the end of a signal to indicate it’s complete. The pennant is hoisted by the receiving vessel as each hoist of the transmitting ship is seen.

How to answer signals

All stations to which signals are addressed or which are indicated in signals are to hoist the answering pennant at the dip as soon as they see each hoist and close up immediately, when they understand it; it is to be lowered to the dip as soon as the hoist is hauled down at the transmitting station, being hoisted close up again as soon as the next hoist is understood.

How to complete a signal

The transmitting station is to hoist the answering pennant singly after the last hoist of the signal to indicate that the signal is completed. The receiving station is to answer this in a similar manner to all other hoists.