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Start Windows XP in Safe Mode

Follow these steps to start Windows in safe mode.

The steps below will require a Windows XP restart of your computer. Be sure to save / close all open files before proceeding.


1. Click on Start and then Run to bring-up the Run window where you can type commands.

2. In the Run window type "msconfig" and click OK to open the "System Configuration Utility".


3. Inside System Configuration Utility choose tab BOOT.INI

 Safe Mode using /SAFEBOOT in System Configuration Utility

4. Inside BOOT.INI under "Boot Options" checkmark /SAFEBOOT and click on Apply.

5. When you see the System Configuration window choose Restart. This will restart your computer in Safe Mode. You can also choose to Exit without restart and simply restart the way you normally do.

Choose Restart

6. After your computer restarts be sure to uncheck /SAFEBOOT so that you don't have to always restart in Safe Mode.

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