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Items You Should Have in the Trunk of Your Car

You should periodically take an inventory of items in the trunk of your car. Here are some suggested trunk contents:

Spare tire - A spare tire is typically located in the trunk, under your vehicle or on the tailgate.

Vehicle jack - Depending on the make and model the jack is commonly located near the spare tire.

Tire tool (lug wrench) - The tire tool is typically located near the spare tire or in the trunk.

Jumper cables - Use the link to find the best gauge and other recommendations.

Tow rope - Although people commonly refer to tow straps as "tow ropes" a typical rope is not recommended. Get a quality tow strap.

First aid kit - View recommendations for finding the best first aid kit here.

Water - Water is used for: 1. For Hydration, 2. For first aid, 3. For Hygiene, and 4. To refill your radiator.

Blanket & Rain Poncho - A blanket and a rain poncho are "must have" items.

Hazard markers, flares, safety vest

Flashlight - Keep a flashlight with fresh batteries on-hand.

Gloves - There's no substitute for a pair of good quality work gloves for changing a tire.

Towel, shop cloth, or a rag

Gas container - A gas container is useful for obvious reasons but often overlooked.

Tire repair materials - The link provides information regarding inflators, sealants and air compressors.

Mud or snow traction mats - Find some good quality traction mats.

Traction sand and kitty litter - Alongside a shovel and traction mats, traction sand is very important to keep in your trunk.

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