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Save Text Using Copy Paste Commands in Windows

How to Save Text Using Copy Paste Commands in Windows

It's often useful to save text using the copy paste command in Windows. The example below shows highlighted text. When you click + drag your mouse across text it changes appearance. While text is still highlighted press the the keyboard keys Ctrl + C to copy.

See example:
Highlighted text can be copied using the Ctrl + C Command in Windows for copy pasting text

By pressing the Ctrl + C keys over highlighted text as explained above, the text is then saved to memory on your computer. You will then need to find a word processing program or text file .txt to paste the text by using the Ctrl + V keys.

Someone writes:

Where does the text go when I copy it? Is it stored in a folder?

Generally you don't need to worry about finding the copied text since it's stored in your computer's memory and when you paste it Ctrl + V into something like MS Word or a text file, it will then instantly appear. This is a leap of faith for many users including myself that would rather see the copied text appear in some way even before using the paste command. There is a way to find the text you copied by locating the Windows clipbook clipbrd viewer. Finding The Windows Clipbook clipbrd is explained here.

Here's steps for copying text from a web page and pasting to a standard Windows text document:

1. Open Web page with text you want to highlight.

2. Highlight text and while still highlighted press Ctrl + C to copy

3. Right-click on any open area of your desktop and from the dialogue that appears choose "New" >> "Text Document".

4. Open the new text document you created and click inside the open document as if you were going to type something and press Ctrl + V to paste the text you copied.