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Strange Myths of South Africa

Learn more about strange myths of South Africa. Were leopards spotless at one time? Is Cape Town slow because of a 'Tablecloth' of Pure Marijuana? Also, a featured miniature-monster not to be missed: The Tokoloshe from African mythology.

Fast Food Favorites - Japanese Style

Favorite multinational fast-food products tailored for the Japanese palate.

10 Tips While Traveling in Tokyo

Tips to help you keep calm and enjoy your trip in Tokyo, Japan.

How to make a Japanese bento box lunch

How to make a Japanese bento box lunch with information about the types of foods in a bento box and the five color principle.

Hollywood Celebrities in Japanese TV Commercials

Hollywood celebrities appearing in recent Japanese TV commercials including Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, Leonardo di Caprio, Bruce Willis and Miranda Kerr.

What is a conspiracy theorist?

The term conspiracy theorist is explained and whether conspiracy theorists are mentally ill, if conspiracy theories are harmful, and why there appear to be so many today.

What Are Vampires?

Short fact rant about vampire origins and culture.

3 Top Tourist Attractions in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

3 top family-friendly tourist attractions in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.

South Africa's Gastronomical Pleasures

South Africa's favorite traditional foods including South African biltong, braai, pap and potjiekos.

A Look at Some Popular Japanese TV Shows

A look at genres that dominate Japanese TV including popular Japanese TV quiz shows, dramas and food shows.

Silly and Wonderfully Weird Japanese Things

A listing of some silly and wonderfully weird Japanese things. Amazing Japanese products that will either send you off on an eBay hunt, or make you run far, far away.

What Did Medieval People Eat?

This listing of food is a very broad / general listing of what people would eat during medieval times.