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Windows Safe Mode Key

Easy steps to find and use the Windows safe mode key in Windows XP during restart.

F8 Key

The steps below will require a Windows XP restart of your computer. Be sure to save / close all open files before proceeding.


1. First, on your keyboard locate your F8 Key that you will use during restart. It's usually located at the top of your keyboard keys. Just remember the location since it will be used after step #3.

Windows safe mode key F8

2. Click on Start and choose Turn Off Computer.

Turn Off Computer

3. Click on Restart as shown in the example.

Restart Windows

4. Your computer should begin to restart. Allow a few moments for Windows to logoff and shut down. Once the Windows begins to restart, press + hold-down the F8 key to get into Safe mode which should bring up the "Windows Advanced Options Menu". Use your arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode and press Enter like the example below.

Note: On some computers you may need to press the F8 key repeatedly during restart, like tapping the key every second during restart, instead of holding-down the key.

Safe Mode Screen

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