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Rust Decay Scale - I Love Rust Decay

Example Rust Server Decay showing 134 of 500 decay

Yes, you read the headline with zero distortion. I LOVE RUST DECAY.

Rust game decay rate is set to 100% as follows in a Rust server config:

+decay.scale "1"

Rust decay is the gradual degredation of player-built structures and player-implemented items such as: Foundations, walls, tool cupboards, sleeping bags, wooden boxes, and a slew of other structures / items. Structures and items must be repaired before their health reaches zero "0" or they will be destroyed. If left unrepaired, decaying structures will eventually collapse. Here is why I love Rust decay:

#1 Rust decay keeps servers running lean & clean

As a server admin it's nice to have a built-in system that helps the server perform better. Removing unused buildings and items helps the server run more efficiently. That's good for everyone to have a self-cleaning system.

#2 Rust decay provides raiding opportunities for new players

Don't have C4 or grenandes? No problem. Just look around for neglected bases. Build your great empire from the rubble of old ones.

#3 Nobody is home - Rust decay for good intel

By checking bases for their degrade level you can see a general indication of how long someone has been away. A building in need of serious maintenance may help provide some intelligence regarding player activity in your region.

The Steam Controller

May not realize how awesome this is until you dig into the controller customization. For Fallout 4 I had a problem finding the sensitivity balance between camera movement and aiming but when I looked through the configs I found a setting that completely sold me on the controller. You can set augments such as when holding down the left trigger (the scope) it adjusts the sensitivity of the right thumbpad. So walking around the wasteland and looking through the scope are now two different sensitivities with no effort. No way I can use any other controller on PC.

#4 Rust decay keeps 'em playing

Frequent Rust play helps to slow decay like opening doors frequently. This provides some incentive for players to come online more often and adds somewhat to server population.

#5 Large base = Large price tag (maintenance)

Maintenence costs for large bases in Rust are significant. This provides some advantage for smaller builds that are easier to maintain and are more commonly associated with noobs and solo Rust players.

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