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This Florida map was created by hand in Photoshop .psd format. The map is available to download for use on websites or other personal or commercial use projects that require a map size as shown. The Florida map .psd comes with all 67 counties individually layered so that you can easily modify or isolate regions for any type of project. Using Photoshop you can change the map's colors and effects to create stunning and original designs completely customized for your particular project. You have full control to change text and fonts as well. Below are some samples that show the size of the map.

Sample 1 - Rainbow Florida Map
Rainbow Florida Map

Sample 2 - Florida map with contrasting counties
Florida map with contrasting counties

Sample 3 - Simple Gray Florida map

Simple Florida map

Sample 4 - An example of a Florida map divided into regions
An example of a Florida map divided into regions

The following starter designs are included inside the download:

Florida map with alternating patterns Blue cool Florida map Various blue-colored counties on a Florida map Blues and greens Florida map
Brown and tan Florida map Florida map called daffodil, a yellow colored map Gray marble Florida map Multi shades of gray Florida map
Subtle gray Florida map Green colored Florida map Greens and browns Florida map Soft, light earth tones in this Florida map
Lilac colored map of Florida Map of Florida with a rainbow colored pattern Florida map divided into regions Salmon colored map of Florida
Sand colored map of Florida Florida map in teal and tan colors Traditional map colors in this Florida map A warm and sunny Florida map
Scattered warm and sunny Florida map A plain white Florida map White, green, and tan Florida map

What's included in the Florida map download

• 2 PSD files named florida1.psd and florida2.psd are the main working files included in this download. The florida1.psd file contains the majority of the samples shown here. It achieves various colors and styles through the use of overlays. The florida2.psd applies styles to all 67 Florida counties individually. Having the two files helps illustrate the various ways you can create your own original maps. In both files, all 67 Florida counties are individually layered and organized alphabetically. Font size and styles can be changed, or you can remove them completely if you just want a blank map.

• 23 rendered maps in .gif format are provided if you like any of these already generated designs. The attributes for every design is also saved inside the Photoshop files in case you want to modify any of these.

• 1 starter HTML template example with HTML image map source code ready use. This can be used to make each county clickable in HTML. Here's an example of this clickable Florida map.

How the Florida map PSD layers are organized

Layers are organized so you can quickly toggle layer sets by simply clicking the eye icon (see figure 1 to the right). For example, if you click on the icon for Cities then the city names will no longer appear on the map. If you expand the Cities folder then you can modify individual city names. All the layers work in this fashion. This includes every county region shape and text. Virtually every element has its own layer.

Example of individual Florida county layers

Photoshop with Florida County Layers
Figure 1

Florida Map Layers

Before you download please make sure you understand that these files will not work unless you already have Photoshop installed. The download is provided in ZIP format. If you have any questions please contact We also offer custom designs upon request.

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