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What is a Web Page Hit Counter?

Web Page Hit Counter image

Simple explanation of what is a web page hit counter:

A web page hit counter or simply counter, is a visual representation of the number of hits a page has received. It typically uses on-page graphics or simple HTML numbers to show the number of hits. This information is normally generated by a script or CGI. Simple web page hit counters are not the best tools to show you the true number of unique visitors or the big picture of what's happening on a website. The free web page hit counters you find on the web tend to not provide enough comprehensive statistical information for most serious business needs. Some more sophisticated hit counters come with a more complete back-end statistical reporting feature but you have to shop around to find a good one. Simple free web page hit counters are most useful to people with personal home pages or hobby websites. Hit counters sometimes come with the option of having a starting hit count number. For instance, the example provided below was preset with a number of hits. So as a visitor to a website, you can never really be sure if the number you are seeing is accurate.


Simple Non-graphic Hit Counter

HITS: 2638

Clicking this link will refresh the Hit Counter in the example and increase the hit count. There is no back-end statistical reporting to this counter so knowing where a visitor came from (referring site), unique visitors, or keywords that brought them to this page is unknown. Before using a hit counter examine your needs and make sure the hit counter you choose provides enough statistical information to be useful.