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Medical Conditions That Can Make a Person Act Drunk

DUI or Medical Condition?

There are medical conditions that exist that can make a person act drunk or intoxicated.

You can't always assume based on behavior alone that a person has been drinking or has been using drugs. If they display certain abnormal behaviors it could indicate a serious medical condition. If the situation allows you can always try and talk to the person to learn more about their condition or communicate with a relative if one is available. You might also look to see if they are wearing a medical alert bracelet that might indicate their condition.


Symptoms of diabetes may make a person appear drunk or intoxicated

A person with diabetes may exhibit abnormal behavior as a result of the many different signs or symptoms associated with the disease. The signs and symptoms listed here only relate to symptoms that mimic drunk or intoxicated behavior. Generally, these are warning signs that a person needs immediate medical attention and should be treated as a medical emergency. Police dealing with suspects often times mistake diabetes for drug or alcohol use during field sobriety exercises.

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes


Epileptic seizures generally happen without warning for most people. A seizure is a brain disorder of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Seizures may be either partial or generalized and will present signs and symptoms that vary among individuals.

Signs and Symptoms of Epilepsy


Brain Picture - Epilepsy or Brain Injury

Brain injures will generally have signs and symptoms that relate directly to what part of the brain was injured. Here are just a few symptoms that someone could easily mistake as the person being drunk or intoxicated. These will vary among individuals and to what extent the brain was injured.

Signs and Symptoms of Brain Injury


Alzheimer's or dementia is unique for every individual. Alzheimer’s is a progressive and fatal brain disease and the most common form of dementia. The signs and symptoms like the other medical conditions listed here may mimic impairment or drunkenness.

Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer's

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