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Icon Names / Icon Labels to Show Background Color of Desktop

The names of my icons now show the background color of my desktop. They were transparent / translucent, meaning that I would see the desktop background, but with a slight drop shadow. How do you reset icon labels with drop shadow?

Drop shadow icon label

To maintain transparent icon backgrounds with drop shadow on your desktop try the following simple steps to reset:

1) Wallpaper must be an image file, not html web page

2) Go to System Properties > Advanced > Performance Settings > VisualEffects and check "use drop shadows for icon labels". In Windows 8 search for "Adjust Appearance" and choose "Adjust for Best Appearance" or choose a custom setting where the last option, "Use drop shadows..." is checked.

3) Right-click on Desktop ->Arrange Icons by>Lock Web items must be cleared.

4) If you have any web content on your desktop, transparency won't work. To check for web content: Display Properties>Desktop>Customize Desktop>Web - make sure all checkboxes are clear.

Below is Windows 8 with "Use drop shadows for icon labels" checked.

Use drop shadows for icon labels