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The Best Rust Map Seed for a 100 Player "Noob Friendly" Server

Example Rust Server Config

Creating a Rust map is one of my favorite things about being a Rust server admin. God created the world in days according to Genesis, but I can create a Rust world in seconds by simply plugging-in some random numbers (map seed and map size into the config). Here I'll explain some of the ways I choose the best Rust map for my own noob friendly community.

I already pretty much know my target audience: 40% noobs, 20% small clans, and the rest are a mix of experienced solo players, veteran pairs or trios, a small percentage of part-timers, and server-hopping transients. This is the mix of players I like best with noobs making up the majority, and seems to make for a less-toxic yet exciting environment overall when server rules are enforced with active admins. But, there are certain characteristics in a map that I have found seem to work best for my own community and for helping noobs and solo players to get strong.

Best map size to choose for a noob friendly 100 player server

4000 is the most popular (and roomy enough) map size for the majority of popular servers these days. It's ideal for high-pop, 100 player servers with biweekly wipe cycles. It's what I would recommend to most admins post XP. In my case though, my community has been calling for longer wipe cycles because of the XP grind. So I have opted for a 3000 - 3500 size map with the theory in mind that this will optimize server performance somewhat. There are other factors involved that will hinder performance more, but I've been pretty happy in the smaller than average range and have not seen any issues. Anything below 3000 will start to feel crowded in my opinion, but some server admins love small maps because it elevates the drama. I've even seen one of the most popular 100 player servers run at around 2500. Since this writing I've observed them toggle back to 3000. So I suppose very small was too much of a bloodbath even for them. I would just say not to dip below 3000 unless you want total carnage.

A mountainous divide providing pockets of isolation
Mountains help to provide pockets of isolation.

The Steam Controller

Not a fan of controllers in general, and am a dedicated PC mouse-keyboard gamer, but this device worked well for me. Very interesting new experience. The device has an excellent key customization.

The best map seeds for Rust are those that allow noobs & solo players to get strong (Time + Isolation = Watch Out!)

It was one particular map on a German server that changed my perspective forever back in my noob days. Looking back I kick myself for not saving this server's map seed/size. This map provided dramatic terrain variation that included ways for making a safe passage from my resource abundant and isolated wilderness homeland to several important monuments through a particularly large mountain range. The mountains nearly divided the map and I rarely encountered any "run & gun" players while making passage. As a result I was able to create a significant stronghold in my wilderness lands that provided me the time and resources to grow strong; so strong resource wise that I eventually built a gigantic base near the monuments where all the action was taking place. There were some raid attempts on me, but I held my own until the finish. The German server is where I learned to become a great player, and in a very significant way I can attribute this to the map itself. In short, Time + Isolation = Strength. The terrain afforded me the isolation needed to basically compete with the big clans and become a true superpower.

The German Server model: A mountainous divide providing pockets of isolation with superpower potential

Choose a map with a large mountain range that divides monument areas from pockets of resource rich wilderness or desert. Clans and "run-and-gun" players may not like it much, but noobs and solo players can have a chance to flourish with the potential for periods of isolation leading to superpower potential. Below are a few examples of some maps I have chosen at random that appear similar to the German server.

Map_4000_91870 (Southeast / NW)
Map_4000_420274 (Central / West)
Map_4000_24579 (Southwest)
Map_4000_26929 (West)
Map_4000_42069 (West)
Map_4000_66827 (East)
Map_4000_71181 (Various mountains)
Map_4000_664256 (Central divide)

Rust maps with islands can also create sanctuary for noobs and solo players

The following maps have islands. Again, not very popular with clans and "run & gun" players that tend to gravitate near monument areas and prefer not to swim.

Map_3500_987456 (Many islands - popular map)
Map_3600_9112001 (Big islands - not tested)
Map_3500_246810 (Islands & treacherous northern mountain range)

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