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How to Pin a Website Shortcut to the Windows 8 Start Menu and Taskbar While Using Google Chrome

This short tutorial covers how to pin a website shortcut icon to the Windows 8 Start menu and taskbar when using Google Chrome.

How To Change Windows 8 Start Menu Icons With Something Better

Instructions for changing ugly Windows 8 Start menu icons with better-looking icons.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8.1 Using the Windows Key

The table provides a useful list of some Windows 8.1 keyboard shortcuts that use the Windows key on the keyboard in conjunction with other keys.

Where is the Windows Key on the Keyboard?

Find out where the Windows key is located, what to do if you don't have a Windows key, and what the Windows key is used for.

Instructions How to Replace a CMOS Battery

Typically a CMOS battery will need replacement every 3 to 5 years. You will often notice when your CMOS battery needs replacement if Windows displays an incorrect date and time on the Windows taskbar clock.

How to Set Windows PC Time and Date

These step by step instructions show you how to set Windows PC time and calendar date as shown in the taskbar.

How to Remove Spider Webs From Your Home's Exterior

The best method for removing spider webs and spider egg sacs from exterior textured surfaces and stucco walls. The steps to remove spider webs using bleach and water.

Why Native Gardening is Beneficial

Gardening with native plants is an easy way to go green. It saves money, resources, and time for the gardener while extending and compensating for lost ecosystems. Native plants attract song birds, butterflies, and other desirable indigenous wildlife.

How to Dispose of Gasoline

Do not dispose of gasoline by pouring it into the soil, storm drain, sewer, any body of water, or by placing it in the garbage no matter how well the gasoline may be contained. There are safe and legal ways to dispose of gasoline or you might just find that you can still use it.

Check for Roof Leaks in the Attic

If the roof surface is damaged and needs repair there will often be evidence of leaks in the attic.

Clean Shower Head / Low Water Pressure in Shower

If you are experiencing low water pressure in just one shower (both hot and cold water) and water pressure is fine everywhere else in your house, the shower head might have blockage.

Safety Tips Fun Facts

A Complete Checklist of Items You Should Have in Your Car

A complete checklist of recommended items you should have in your car.

Checklist of Safety Items For Your Car

A numbered checklist of recommended safety items you should have in your car.

U.S. Navy Nautical Signal Flag Code

Signal flags are a uniform set of easily identifiable nautical codes and are used to convey visual messages and signals between two ships or from ship-to-shore. They are based on a internationally recognized set of codes referred to as the International Code of Signals and is published in nine languages.

What should I do if I hear the Lightning Prediction System alarm?

Provides some information concerning Lightning Prediction Systems, instructions to stay safe when there's lightning, and the best places to seek shelter from lightning.

How to Dispose of Prescription Medications. Should I Flush My Old Prescription Medications Down the Toilet?

The best way to dispose of prescription medications to prevent trash pickers from obtaining them.

The Number of Bones in the Human Body

Learn how many bones there are in the full-grown human body, the purpose of bones, and how many bones children have.

Find the circumference of a circle
Instructions how to find the diameter of a circle, find a circle's circumference and briefly explains Pi with formulas and examples shown. Other links: What is a circle? | Find the radius of a circle | Find the diameter of a circle | Find the circumference of a circle

How to Use Military Map Symbols

Military map symbols are essential visual tools used for assessing the battlefield. Learn how the military utilizes map symbols with the examples provided.

How to Send an SOS Distress Signal

The origins of the SOS distress code with Morse Code examples, sounds, and an image showing an SOS signal using a flashing light at night.

What Are Police Signal Codes?

Police Signal Codes explained with examples and meanings as used in police radio communication.

What Are Police 10 Codes?

Police 10 Codes explained with examples and meanings.